Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When the water recedes

The day started with rain and ended warm (upper 40s) and sunny.  Spring is Hillary's favorite season so far!  After work we headed out on North Douglas to Fish Creek for a run/adventure. 

Hillary holding an eagle on her finger

Since the full moon was yesterday the tides are big (about 24' swing) and low tide is in the evening.  We ran out the creek trail for a
bit ran through some tidal streams and across the sand/seaweed beds into the wetlands full of sea birds, ducks, and eagles.  It was a quiet, scenic, wet adventure.  The low tides are fun times to explore the intertidal, find clams, walk amongst the birds, and poke other weird looking creatures.  It is becoming difficult to go back inside now that it stays light until late, especially on great evenings like today. 

Digging up the clam that squirted
us while running by

Sitka Blacktail deer backstraps for dinner, YUM!
Sunset ... not the brightest colors we've seen, but still pretty nice!

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