Monday, August 30, 2010

Camping and stream fishing

Hillary and myself (and Stout) met up with Sam and Christina Friday afternoon out at Cowee Creek for some Coho fishing and camping.  Hillary ended up limiting out with two, while I broke one off before we lost two of the magic lures and could no longer get any to bite.
After a beautiful night of camping on the beach we tried our luck again in the morning with only dollies and brookies taking the hook.  In the afternoon we hiked up the Dan Moller trail picking blueberries and checking out the sites.  The new FS cabin is looking great!
On Sunday we went for a 3 hour run with Stout from Eaglecrest back to Douglas on the Treadwell Ditch trail.  Washed out bridges, treefall, and lots of rocks makes this a non-trivial run.  Exercise turns Stout into a good dog!

Fightin' the silver in Cowee (it is a little cloudy due to the small glacial influence upstream)
One of the 6 lb or so silvers
Fisherlady with her catch
Hooked up for the moment

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mendenhall glacier time lapse

This is a time lapse video from the terminus of the Mendenhall glacier from Aug 14 to 23, 2010.  You can see a large calving event of an iceberg, then keep an eye on the waterfall next to the glacier.  There is another calving event right next to the waterfall and the whole waterfall shifts position.  The falls may look small but believe me it is pretty enormous and powerful when you are standing next to it.

Double-click to start playing

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A couple nice days ... in August?

Stout's new spot in the boat
Pink eye, half eaten nose, but still playing on the beach
A couple more pictures from the glacier
Sliding down Mendenhall
Hillary was fortunate enough to take a trip through Tracy Arm during one of her overnight sampling excursions
Icebergs in the fjord
The latest and biggest silver to date ...

Stout on the beach ...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Workin' on the glacier

Hillary was able to get out of work a couple hours early today to ride up with some folks from the lab to the Mendenhall glacier to sample some water.  It was a great day to be on the ice!  In the 80s at sea level and it was jacket worthy on the glacier with the wind.

Flying in over the Mendenhall wetlands
Lena Point, Shelter Island, Pt. Retreat, and the Chilkat Range
Near one of the glaciar surface rivers
The barren land
A large pool in one of the rivers with lots of sediment and algae ... life on the glacier!
A small but deep blue hole filled with delicious water
A look at the crevasses from above on the way out
Mendenhall lake and some icebergs

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stout, fish, and videos now embedded correctly

What a weekend! 80 degrees, sun, and no wind. I did a road bike race with Kevin this morning and felt how out of shape I am, while Kevin took home the glory. This afternoon we hiked up to Cropley Lake at Eaglecrest with Stout and gathered another 4 pounds of blueberries.

Stout and Hillary posing
Stout's new name tag that we got a week or so ago
The weigh in last week (36 pounds).  He is almost too big for the scale!
A 10 lb silver and some pinks from Sat.
Stout digging a hole at Sandy beach
He is starting to be a better swimmer
Playing tag around a log with teeth a flyin'

Friday, August 13, 2010

Harvesting Sockeye Salmon

Here are some pictures of some field work and a day down at Sweetheart Creek.  You are allowed to net up to 25 Sockeye Salmon per day per Juneau resident.  The Pink Salmon are in the stream really heavy too so you need to weed them out to get the nice Reds.  In about 12 hours of cast netting we ended up with 36 sockeye and we released around 800-1200 pink salmon.  We had griz within 50 yards, who were also fishing.  I went down there with Eran, Kevin, and Mike.  Since it was a week day (to miss the crowds) Hillary was stuck working :(      Thanks to Mike for the pictures!

Carrying Stout across a stream on the way down from Lemon Creek collecting water samples
Sunset at Outer Point
Sea Lions lounging in Lynn Canal
Sweetheart Creek
One of our companions for the day ...
To conserve energy we used two people to throw the cast net
A male brown bear stomping on salmon
A net full of pinks with one sockeye
The stream was just packed with Pink salmon.  The most tiring part of the day was getting all the pinks out of the net in pursuit of the sockeye
Pulling in the goods
One of the stringers of sockeye

 Video of Eran and I cast netting for salmon.  All of them were Pinks.

 A female brown bear with two cubs grabbing fish right next to us

Then lots of filleting, smoking, and packaging ...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Fishing" and blueberries

Yesterday after work Hillary Stout and myself went up to Eaglecrest to gather some more blueberries (another 3.5 lbs).  One the way home we stopped at Peterson Creek on Douglas to check out the Chum and Pink salmon.  I was fortunate to land a decaying Pink salmon and an at least 12 pound Chum salmon.

Hooked up!
I managed to hook this monster from the trail bridge.  After a good long fight chasing him up and down stream he came off the hook right at my feet where I promptly kicked him into the mud on shore.  Once he bit me twice with his huge teeth and we got our picture it was back into the water for this Chum.
Today we made blueberry Jam, syrup, fruit leather, and fruit spread .... yum!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy summer ...

Lets see ... what has happened since June 27th ...

More halibut fishing, 4th of July, my mom visited, blueberries, silver and pink salmon fishing, more field work, Stout is big now, Hillary's parents visit, Mt. Roberts summit hike, ...

Salmonberry picking around the apartment ... now in a wine
Stout on the scale a couple weeks ago ... he likes it!
Stout, Hillary and the whale
Taking a nap
Taking a nap II
Hiking up Mount Roberts
Coming down Roberts around Gastineau Peak
In the clouds
Left over cornice
Hillary sliding down Roberts with Juneau 2500ft below
Playing with Stout
Randy and the Stout man
Mendenhall Glacier
3 pinks and a silver from Pt. Retreat
Stout's face
Stout sleeping awkwardly
Hillary's work flight back from Skagway
Another plane view - Eagle glacier
Kayaking on Mendenhall Lake
Team picture
Hillary battling what we thought was a big salmon
Instead it was a 25 lb halibut
Stout watching the action
Stout vs. Halibut
Sampling at the terminus of Lemon Glacier
It was a tough climb getting back out!
Field work breakfast with blueberries, huckleberries, and salmonberries from around the site
Stout's favorite spot on the boat
Fishing at Funter Bay the other day with Mike ... 10 lb silver
A 12 pound silver at Point Retreat the same day
5 silvers and about 6 er 7 pinks that day (kept 2 for jerky)
We made some blueberry syrup tonight ... looking forward to some french toast in the am.