Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy summer ...

Lets see ... what has happened since June 27th ...

More halibut fishing, 4th of July, my mom visited, blueberries, silver and pink salmon fishing, more field work, Stout is big now, Hillary's parents visit, Mt. Roberts summit hike, ...

Salmonberry picking around the apartment ... now in a wine
Stout on the scale a couple weeks ago ... he likes it!
Stout, Hillary and the whale
Taking a nap
Taking a nap II
Hiking up Mount Roberts
Coming down Roberts around Gastineau Peak
In the clouds
Left over cornice
Hillary sliding down Roberts with Juneau 2500ft below
Playing with Stout
Randy and the Stout man
Mendenhall Glacier
3 pinks and a silver from Pt. Retreat
Stout's face
Stout sleeping awkwardly
Hillary's work flight back from Skagway
Another plane view - Eagle glacier
Kayaking on Mendenhall Lake
Team picture
Hillary battling what we thought was a big salmon
Instead it was a 25 lb halibut
Stout watching the action
Stout vs. Halibut
Sampling at the terminus of Lemon Glacier
It was a tough climb getting back out!
Field work breakfast with blueberries, huckleberries, and salmonberries from around the site
Stout's favorite spot on the boat
Fishing at Funter Bay the other day with Mike ... 10 lb silver
A 12 pound silver at Point Retreat the same day
5 silvers and about 6 er 7 pinks that day (kept 2 for jerky)
We made some blueberry syrup tonight ... looking forward to some french toast in the am.

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