Sunday, August 15, 2010

Stout, fish, and videos now embedded correctly

What a weekend! 80 degrees, sun, and no wind. I did a road bike race with Kevin this morning and felt how out of shape I am, while Kevin took home the glory. This afternoon we hiked up to Cropley Lake at Eaglecrest with Stout and gathered another 4 pounds of blueberries.

Stout and Hillary posing
Stout's new name tag that we got a week or so ago
The weigh in last week (36 pounds).  He is almost too big for the scale!
A 10 lb silver and some pinks from Sat.
Stout digging a hole at Sandy beach
He is starting to be a better swimmer
Playing tag around a log with teeth a flyin'


  1. Mass(Stout) = Mass(Tucker) < Mass(Marvin, formerly known as Savannah)

  2. he is up to 40 pounds now! I think it is mostly teeth though ...