Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Fishing" and blueberries

Yesterday after work Hillary Stout and myself went up to Eaglecrest to gather some more blueberries (another 3.5 lbs).  One the way home we stopped at Peterson Creek on Douglas to check out the Chum and Pink salmon.  I was fortunate to land a decaying Pink salmon and an at least 12 pound Chum salmon.

Hooked up!
I managed to hook this monster from the trail bridge.  After a good long fight chasing him up and down stream he came off the hook right at my feet where I promptly kicked him into the mud on shore.  Once he bit me twice with his huge teeth and we got our picture it was back into the water for this Chum.
Today we made blueberry Jam, syrup, fruit leather, and fruit spread .... yum!

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