Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Mussel Cabin

View towards the Chilkats from Blue Mussel cabin in Point Bridget State Park out the road

Our home last Friday and Sat night

Berners Bay from Cowee Meadows

Holding up the ceiling of a grassy cave with the mountains reflecting on the water

Stout on Cedar Lake inspecting the ice

Lounging on the rocks

3pm sunset over the Chilkats

Alpenglow across Berners Bay

Good Morning
Recovering after a long weekend in the cabin

Lights out

Hillary's newest purchase from Steep and Cheap ... Stout's new pack

After biting it for awhile he seemed to get used to it

Has anyone seen my toys?

I'm ready to play

Stout executing Mr. Whale with his huge paw

Stout's new friend, the wells fargo horse

Sometimes he cuddles the horse, other times he chews it and rips its hair out

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cold, windy, sun

Stout's bone, sunset, and shrimpin'



These bones are now gone in about half a day

Stout and his buddy Ginger

Stout stole Ginger's pink salmon

Now who's the boss?

I'm gonna eat the camera

Let me go I wanna eat

Thane slide area while on the boat this weekend

Sunset from work tonight (taken at 3:15p)

Stout found a new stick

He doesn't make much of a deckhand

Now he is tall enough to jump out if he really wanted to
The towers tonight from work

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beautiful sunny day

Today was a bit cooler ... highs in the upper 30s, but the sun was bright and we could finally see all of the snow up in the mountains.

Stout and I went for a lunchtime run up Montana Creek trail.  The wet planks were a bit icy but we made it up to the divide between the Mendenhall River and Peterson Creek during our 75 minute run.

Didn't have the camera today, but here is Stout under the desk at work after the run.

Stout recovering from a tough day
This last weekend's activities:

'Weeding the forest' - helping cut an uphill/downhill route from the ski area up to wedding bowl (our most frequented bc spot).  Devil's club, blueberry, salmonberry bush snipping ... bow sawing larger trees and smashing down large heaves in the ground to allow for a nice skin and descent even with little snowfall down low.

'Chores at home' - cleaning the gear room, moving winter to the front and fishing/summer to the back of the closet.

'Car wash' - windows, vacuum, dusting.  It's pointless to clean the exterior here, but a window cleaning was needed to remove all the Stout Snot in both vehicles.

'Shrimp pull' - well it looks like the shrimp are getting ready to release some offspring (full of eggs), so we pulled our pot and will keep it out of the water for a bit to let them release their eggs.  Did get enough for a good meal though.

Monday, November 8, 2010

First day on the snow

On Sunday we got out on the snow for the first day this season.  Hillary picked up two pairs of waxless skis at the ski swap on Sat. so we were able to trudge around with Stout for a couple hours.  There was hardly any snow at the ski area base, but after a wet hike up to 2200 ft we were graced with almost a foot of snow that got deeper and started looking like winter around 2700 ft.

Stout at the bottom of wedding bowl

Up on the ridge around 2700 ft

Waxless touring up the valley

Stout comes to save me after a crash on my skinny skis ... and makes it really difficult to get up
A very tired Stout after a tough day of jumping around in the dense snow
Stout was pretty excited to be running around in the snow!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Stout


Sleepy time

Stout full of sand after going for a walk on Sandy beach during a rain storm with 40 mph winds

Tired from chewing on his bone