Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blue Mussel Cabin

View towards the Chilkats from Blue Mussel cabin in Point Bridget State Park out the road

Our home last Friday and Sat night

Berners Bay from Cowee Meadows

Holding up the ceiling of a grassy cave with the mountains reflecting on the water

Stout on Cedar Lake inspecting the ice

Lounging on the rocks

3pm sunset over the Chilkats

Alpenglow across Berners Bay

Good Morning
Recovering after a long weekend in the cabin

Lights out

Hillary's newest purchase from Steep and Cheap ... Stout's new pack

After biting it for awhile he seemed to get used to it

Has anyone seen my toys?

I'm ready to play

Stout executing Mr. Whale with his huge paw

Stout's new friend, the wells fargo horse

Sometimes he cuddles the horse, other times he chews it and rips its hair out

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