Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The snow has come!

Daily snowfall totals at 2200 ft
Last Sunday we went for a ski tour up Mt. Ben Stewart

Stout went with us and used his pack to carry food and water

He thinks he is on the beach sometimes and digs holes

His hard work of carrying food up pays off
What you looking at?
This morning looking down on the airport from atop Eaglecrest preparing for some early morning turns

Lots of light new snow!
We have also been nordic skiing with our waxless skis out behind the apartment each night.  Stout is pretty exhausted after each tour.  He (and Hillary) would have came with me and Sam this morning to ski, but he had a vet appointment to have another neuter.  After noticing over the last month what seemed like another testicle growing we thought we would have him checked out.  We thought we were crazy at first, but over time we believed our assessment was correct.  The vet blew it off over the phone as a so-called hematoma or swelling, but we knew it was a left behind testicle.  The doctor was stunned to find a fully attached healthy leftover testicle on Stout when we brought him in.  I'm not really sure how you remove one of two descended testicles, sew him back up, discard the one that was removed and no one ever noticed that the job was incomplete.  At the office, embarrassment ensued along with a complimentary office visit, follow-up surgery (today), and gifts for Stout.  We could tell that he was mentally anguished the last few months and really confused about his sexuality and duty as a male dog.  We wondered why he was always nervous around female dogs, and it is obvious now that he was unsure of his ability to get the job done with limited equipment.  Now he will know that he has no chance.  I could have supplied pictures here, but I wanted to save Stout the exposure ... he just wants to put it all behind him as soon as possible. 

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