Thursday, December 23, 2010

Traveling, skiing and jobs

The last couple weeks has been filled with air plane rides across the country and back and forth a few times.

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I spent a couple days at home before attending the American Geophysical Union (AGU) meeting in San Francisco.  At the end of the trip I went out to Castleton State College in Vermont for an interview for an analytical/environmental chemist faculty position.  Thanks to everyone at home for a great time and some great Christmas presents.  I hope everyone liked their salmon and halibut smorgasbord along with homemade syrups and jams.
The interview went well and I will be starting as a faculty member at Castleton starting next fall.  Unfortunately, we will have less than 8 months to do all we can in Juneau before the 4000 mile ride back across the country.  I'm sure Stout will like that!

It has been cold and dry in Juneau lately.  Not the best alpine skiing but the nordic skiing and views in general have been great.  Other highlights included the lunar eclipse, which occurred around 930pm here, so we didn't have to stay up late (or wake up early), and the winter solstice.  It may not seem like a big deal down south, but the winter solstice is a big deal on most people's calendars up here.  LONGER DAYS!!

Ski jorring with Stout on Mendenhall Lake

Stout looking for some friends

Skate track on the lake with Mendenhall Glacier and towers in the background

Off the skate track where the glacier flows into the lake

Might be hard to see but kids are sledding on the iceberg onto the lake

It is too bright and only about 8 degrees

High noon 30 on the lake

We cut down a Christmas tree out behind the house and Hillary decorated it like an expert

At least he isn't biting the tree ...

Don't worry you got Christmas presents too!

Wall art provided by Steph and Martin

See even Stout has a stocking up on the wall (Thanks Randy and Jenny!)

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