Monday, November 8, 2010

First day on the snow

On Sunday we got out on the snow for the first day this season.  Hillary picked up two pairs of waxless skis at the ski swap on Sat. so we were able to trudge around with Stout for a couple hours.  There was hardly any snow at the ski area base, but after a wet hike up to 2200 ft we were graced with almost a foot of snow that got deeper and started looking like winter around 2700 ft.

Stout at the bottom of wedding bowl

Up on the ridge around 2700 ft

Waxless touring up the valley

Stout comes to save me after a crash on my skinny skis ... and makes it really difficult to get up
A very tired Stout after a tough day of jumping around in the dense snow
Stout was pretty excited to be running around in the snow!

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