Monday, August 30, 2010

Camping and stream fishing

Hillary and myself (and Stout) met up with Sam and Christina Friday afternoon out at Cowee Creek for some Coho fishing and camping.  Hillary ended up limiting out with two, while I broke one off before we lost two of the magic lures and could no longer get any to bite.
After a beautiful night of camping on the beach we tried our luck again in the morning with only dollies and brookies taking the hook.  In the afternoon we hiked up the Dan Moller trail picking blueberries and checking out the sites.  The new FS cabin is looking great!
On Sunday we went for a 3 hour run with Stout from Eaglecrest back to Douglas on the Treadwell Ditch trail.  Washed out bridges, treefall, and lots of rocks makes this a non-trivial run.  Exercise turns Stout into a good dog!

Fightin' the silver in Cowee (it is a little cloudy due to the small glacial influence upstream)
One of the 6 lb or so silvers
Fisherlady with her catch
Hooked up for the moment

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