Saturday, September 18, 2010

Incredible September weather

So I don't think we have seen a cloud in about 8 days at this point and it is supposed to remain clear through next week! Highs around 70, lows 35-45. Evenings and weekends have been filled with lots of hiking, trail running, berry picking, beach walking, swimming, camping, smoking coho and salmon jerky, and some half-ass hunting effort. Typically it is raining about an inch a day every day this time of the year, so we have been taking advantage of the sun.

Eatin' his stick on the beach
Beach pit stop after picking red huckleberries for some jam
Good boy
Sunset on the way home last Sunday
A rough day for Teddy ... watch out Mr. Whale
Hiking up Mt. Juneau during the week
No messing around .... up, up, up!
Stout leading the way
Mr. Energy
He even has time to pose for a picture since he is ahead of us
Hey, we're not to the top yet, but it looks like he is getting pretty tired
Maybe you should learn to pace yourself a bit
Don't worry he made it to the top
Towards Juneau from near the top.  Not bad after I took Stout on a 3.5 hour run up here and along some of the ridges two days earlier.
First batch of coho to smoke ... also made some pink salmon jerky
Trail run up Eaglecrest after work ... made it to the alpine
A break on top of the ridge
Made it!  Mt. Ben Stewart and Cropley Lake in the background
Running the ridge near sunset
Hillary Stout and I stayed at a cabin on Admiralty Is. on Friday night to check out bears and try to find some deer if we were lucky.  With the salmon in the brown bears are everywhere, so you need to be on guard!
Walking the intertidal after watching a mom bear with THREE cubs closer to the salmon stream.  We watch with the binocs from a couple hundred yards away.

Contemplating life as a Labrador
While I was out stalking muskegs for an hour or two for deer, Hillary stands guard at the cabin.  Stout gets nervous, so Hillary walks out to the porch and peers around the cabin .... right there about 10 ft away is an adolescent brown bear!  He doesn't really care that she is there, but she promptly went back into the cabin, closed the door, and hugged Stout while he fell asleep.  Actually, she got the nerves to venture back out on the porch for some pics.  Here it is about 40 yds from the cabin.
Try to find some dinner
Keep the great weather coming!

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