Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loooong days

We have been doing a bit of everything lately.  Fishing, camping, heli skiing, couloir climbing, running, and even getting some sun tans.  Stout has been passing out by 3p, and even by 10am on some weekend camping mornings after staying up until dark (11p on clear nights) and getting up again with the first light around 315p.  He stalks the beach early, chewing sticks and playing with stranded star fish.
No Kings yet.  I lost one on a day I was out by myself, but it should continue to pick up the next couple weeks.

A morning climb of the Mt. Jumbo Couloir out the backyard:

From the top of the couloir climb looking down.  1600 ft crampon climb in 35 minutes after an hour approach.

Summit shot
Cooking out at Eagle beach:

A beautiful day last weekend out the road

Sam fades on the beach

Stout played continuously with Barley

Chilkats in background

Swim time

Lots of frisbee until our arms were tired

Sheep Mountain heli drop:
We got a group of 5 together for a heli drop up on Sheep Mtn (4200 ft) last weekend.  We skied and skinned to get a total of 4 runs in.  Perfect spring corn snow!  We hiked out Perseverance trail.

Prepared for take-off

Ready to rip from the summit after the drop

Home base

Summit stash
Me on the 3rd run

Ski lines from Sam and myself

Hillary on the first run of the morning

Skinning back up
Field sampling at Mendenhall glacier (work!):

First day of ice break-up was this week, so we were able to get the skiff out to sample the water coming off the glacier

Not a bad morning to be on the lake

Glacier outflow that we sampled at the terminus

Working my way up to get water
 We boat camped with Sam, Marissa, Jackie, Pat, and Barley (Stout's friend) on Sat night.  Lots of sun, huge driftwood fires, and some trolling.

This time of the year is just exhausting ...

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