Sunday, June 13, 2010

Been a long time ...

It has been pretty crazy around here lately with only a few free minutes to relax back at the house due to the stream of visitors and start of the field season for work.  Below are some pictures from the last four weeks.

Recent activities have included ...
Heli skiing on Sheep Mountain
Glossner and Mike visit
  Whales and sea lions
  More King Salmon
  Dungeness crabs
  Beach camping Couverdon, Outer Point (Bears and moose)
  Hiking, Beer, and the Tram
  Thane Ore House
Intense field work
Heli-hiking for work
Big puppies
The garden (Raging lettuce)
Epic spring weather
Nate and my dad visit
  Windfall Sockeye
  More crab
  Flounder, cod, dolly varden, short King

and now some pictures.

Heli pickup at Sheep Creek

Drop off at the Sheep Mountain Summit on a perfect day
Lunch break at the summit after a couple laps

Hillary not getting too much sun on the summit

Hiking out on the Perseverence Trail after a long 3000 ft drop from the top

Week 5 in puppyville

 Hillary trying to take one home early

Mike and Glossner getting in on some puppy play   
They don't even wait for you to take your shoes off to start eating them

Is he old enough to drive?

Sea lions hanging out during a troll

Mike and his 13 pound king
'Chillin' at the glacier

Dungee Crabs

Wading out to Shaman Island at low tide

Steaming crab on the beach at sunset

Sunset at Outer Point   

Humpback whale near Couverdon Point

Enormous sea lions near Couverdon Point 

Low tide miscalculation makes for a delicious breakfast thanks to Mike's banana chocolate pancakes

Glossner with a Copper Rockfish

Eagles hanging out on Portland Island

Glossner with an 18 pound King

Hillary showing her rock 'skipping' skills ...
Nate with a rockfish in Stephens Passage

Beach Campin'

Week 6 still eating shoes

Orcas in the channel
Sampling on the Mendenhall glacier

Crevasse on the Glacier

Blue stream on the glacier
Nate and my dad took advantage of a free helicopter ride and 1.5 hour drop on the glacier for 'work'

Glacier from the air
Taku Inlet with Taku Glacier and the icefield in the backdrop

Nate with some Dolly Varden 
It's a good day when you come home with more crab than beer remaining

 Herbert River with Herbert Glacier in the background

Thanks to Nate, Glossner, and Hillary for the great pictures above!  Hope you all had a great time even though we couldn't send Nate home with a King.  Great weather, good times, and even better memories.


  1. Hey Andrew - awesome pictures! Looks like you guys are having a great time!!

  2. Thanks, we've have been having a great time! I like your blog too and congrats on the half. You guys should plan a destination race ... maybe Moab or something (just not in the summer) ... race during one of the first couple days then vacation the next week. That would keep you pretty motivated to keep training!