Saturday, June 26, 2010


After work yesterday Stout and myself went fishing/camping with Sam (We met him during the heli ski day).  We fished for Kings for a couple hours around low tide before heading out to shelter Island to set up camp. It was a bit rainy and cool, but we eventually got a fire going to cook some pasta and king salmon.  Just after 1am we decided to get some sleep even though we were still in the midst of twilight.
This morning we headed out for some halibut not far from camp after an egg sandwich breakfast and coffee.  In three hours we landed 8 halibut, 2 cod, and a rockfish.  We kept our limit of 2 halibut each with the largest one weighing 20 pounds.  The house is full of seafood now!  After fillet and packaging Stout and I went outside and gathered a bunch of salmon berries and even a few early blueberries.  Tonight will be a fully subsistence meal of halibut for the main course and berries for dessert!

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