Sunday, January 16, 2011


The last week or so has been very windy and cold in Juneau.  Highs from 5-15 and wind gusts up to 70 mph downtown.  We downhill skied a couple runs on Sat but with temps at the top of the lift around -8F and a stiff breeze we didn't last too long.  We did get in some skate skiing on the Upper Loop of Eaglecrest. 

On Sunday we decided to go for a ski out the road, up Herbert River.  There wasn't a ton of snow but the ice was pretty solid in most places in the river bed.  It wasn't a fast ski, but was pretty nice with the snow continually falling all day.  We made to the open area just before Herbert Glacier when we decided to turn around and give Stout a break.  Much of the snow had a breakable crust on top, making it a hard day on the dog.  The rest of the ski was on hard river ice with an inch or so of soft new snow.

Ont he way out.  You just had to dodge the river channels.  No one got wet.  Not even Stout!

Biting snow flakes.

Near the turnaround

The trickiest part of the ski tour.  Hillary crosses the logs with style.

It started snowing harder on the way back, making the ice a nice ski.

Stout hasn't moved much since getting home

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