Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More pictures from nordic skiing in Whitehorse

Biting Stout

Good Stout

On the Buckwheat trails, taking a break to bite the trees

Just over White Pass, over the border, at Log Cabin (Buckwheat Trails).  Some track is set for skiing and there are also snowmobilers and bc skiers around the area

Shakin' it out

Skiing on the railroad track with the snowmobiles

Onto the ski only trails

On our way from Log Cabin to Whitehorse.  There are big mountains and big lakes in the area.

Almost sunrise outside the hotel on Sat morning. (~9:45 am).  Whitehorse is on Pacific time.

On the Dog Trail, part of the Whitehorse XC Club trail system.  Stout is excited now, but will start to feel it after the 30k he will do today.

Dog Trail parking lot after 10a.

Stout drafts behind Hillary's huge double pole push

Time out on the valley loop climb

Picture doesn't do this shot justice.  At the bottom of the valley the sun glistened off of the snow/frost/hoar on the small trees in the area.

Sunday morning starting our classic climb up Mt. McIntyre

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