Friday, March 18, 2011

An icy escape

The days are getting longer, the winds are dying out, the sun is shining, the kings are getting ready to come home, the spring is a great time in Juneau!  Not to mention we have finally had some good skiing.  Most of the pictures from this post are from Mendenhall lake and glacier during the 'proposal event'.  Oh yeah, if you didn't know, Hillary and I are engaged.

Soon to be icebergs near the Mendenhall terminus on the lake

Of course Stout was there too!  Making friends along the couple mile ski from the visitor center to the glacier.

Approaching the glacier

Some dude for scale

Blue ice inside the ice caves.  The ice was so clear it almost looked fake.

The entrance tunnel to the bigger part of the cave

It is hard to capture scale in there.  The dark areas are clear ice filled with sediments entrapped in the ice.

It looks like running water at the bottom, but that is frozen too.  Stout inspects.

Playing around on top of the ice

On the west edge of the glacier


  1. Awesome pictures once again! And CONGRATS guys!!

  2. ummm you're ENGAGED?! a phone call is in order! congratulations!