Monday, March 21, 2011

Heli Ski Weekend!

Hillary received her engagement gift, so I decided to get something for myself as well this last weekend ... 2 days of heli skiing!  The first day was up on the Juneau Icefield and the second day was over in the southern Chilkats ... it was incredible!  I don't have many pictures/videos together yet, but they will follow.  So for now there is a little preview.

dropping in

This chute was our third run of the day. The snow was perfect.  It was a toe-in landing, where the helicopter didn't have enough room to land so it set down one rail and hovered as we got out.

Leaving the lodge area out the road with the mtns we skied across Lynn Canal

Kevin belaying Drew down into the second run of the day to check snow stability.  After seeing no cracking after some big jumps on the snow he untied and took off.  The rest of us in the group followed.

Sam making turns before the run out

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