Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some days it feels like spring

The waters are getting calmer, the crabs are abundant, the kings are getting closer, and the days are getting longer.  We've also had some good ski days lately, although the nordic skiing is starting to wither away.  Running and beach walks in the evening have become more common, and Stout is swimming daily.  The ocean is still hovering around 38-39 degrees!  We have gotten out on the boat 3 out of the last 4 weekend days for some dungeness crab and we landed 8 the last day out.

Stout found his nylabone!  The boat dog went for a swim off the boat last time out.  He got leaning a bit too far over the side while we were slowly coming up on one of our crab rings and suddenly he went completely underwater!  His face was hilarious went he came to the surface and started paddling aggressively towards the boat.  Hillary grabbed his collar at the bow and I pulled him in the rest of the way.  He is now a bit more cautious.

Some more heli pictures from the other weekend.  Sam and I on top of a ridge after hiking a ways from the heli drop.  I am slowly making my way out on the slope to jump around and check stability.  First run of the day.

One of the slopes we skied multiple times that day since the snow was so nice.  This is me just prior to a ~15 foot or so rock jump.

Heli leaving the lodge.  Chilkats that we skied are in the background.

Icefield day.  Some pics from the heli.

A nice mellow landing pad


Me, woohoo!

A mellow powder run was in order to finish the day after some steeps.

Me, the second run of the day.

Me, on the big line of the day.

This is another picture of that ski line. 
Sunset at the lodge after a tough day!  Free beer from Alaskan brewing on the back porch.

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