Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back in town ...

Saturday ...
     Hillary is back in town!  After some pancakes and relaxing in the morning we went out fishing for the afternoon with Eran.  Before going out I went and took up the shrimp pot from the channel.  Not the best catch, but 8 shrimp to throw into a frying pan with some butter and garlic ... yum.

Pink shrimp in an orange bucket

 The big guy

 Hillary would only get close enough to take a picture

We went out in Stephen's Passage around 1p to do some bottom fishing.  We ran into some small bait stealers and Hillary hooked the first halibut of the year!  It was one of the smallest halibut in the ocean, so we quickly let it go and unfortunately did not get a picture.  She was still complaining today that her arms were hurting from pulling in the monster fish from 160 ft down.
Looking at Admiralty Island (Fortress of the Bears)

Sunday ...
     We gave the boat a day off today to get some hiking in.  We went over to Sheep Creek trail just south of downtown.  It was overcast and very dry.  The roundtrip hike was about 7 miles.

Hillary at the height of the hike

There was a good climb at the start of the hike then it was pretty gradual following Sheep Creek until mile 3, where the trail started to climb upwards.  It was a perfect day for a hike, temps in the 50s.  Time to start the work week ... well after the chocolate chip cookies ....

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