Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rain is back

Hillary has brought the rain back to Juneau.  I forgot to say we were able to see some humpback whales spouting when we were out in the boat last weekend and a river otter popped up a couple feet away from Hillary while we were putting the boat in at the dock.
Last night we made some pesto sockeye salmon and pasta for dinner.  Hillary ate mainly some chicken and pasta, but actually ate some of the salmon and claimed that this might be a viable dish in the future.  I also made some salmon sushi rolls for an appetizer.

Salmon sushi

The sushi is on the butcher block that I made over the winter.  We went for a short run today after work out treadwell mine trail to a nice little spot on the water.  It is getting dark after 9pm now ...

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  1. ANDY!!! Your blog is awesome, and your photos - as always - are AMAZING! The only bad thing about finding this blog (via Facebook, that minx) is that it makes me wish we were hanging out. Life is good on the East coast; we are planning our honeymoon for Labrador & Newfoundland. Had to take Alaska off the drawing table because I'll be recovering from surgery at the end of the summer, and we can't risk the sunk expense if something goes wrong. Drop a line -- can't wait for you to meet my man and for us all to have some adventures! In the meantime, I guess you'll just keep having YOUR adventures. Damn. You are one inspiring human being.

    Big hugs!
    Em(ily Copeland)