Saturday, April 24, 2010

Beach boat camping

We both got out of work early on Friday because it was beautiful outside!  We tried to go out the road and get on the Lynn Canal, but the north winds were whipping, so we came back to Douglas to do some fishing and camping.  We did catch some Dolly Varden around the boat launch at Amalga Harbor.

Dolly Varden

Hillary catching some fish
Anchored out from our campsite 

High tide came about two hours later, so we had to anchor a ways out in order to keep from going dry at 4:30am. The tide swing was not huge for the area, but still 15 feet is enough to make you think.
Our beach looking towards Taku Inlet

 Beach front looking at Admiralty Island

 Raging driftwood fire

 Good morning!  Pancakes and homefries

 Hillary gathering supplies from the boat, not a bad commute

Holy shrimp

No Kings today.  Certainly no lack of trying.  People are starting to get amped for their arrival.  People are starting to troll all over the place.  A great start to the weekend!

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  1. Hillary, you're such a natural with that fishing pole!!! Beautiful pics!