Thursday, May 6, 2010

Alaskan Brewery Locals Day

Tuesday ... I went out to troll for Kings right after work while Hillary went for a run.  At the end of her run I picked her up on a rock beach with the boat where a change of clothes and some snacks were waiting.  I was trolling in the Outer Point area with a bunch of other people, but again no salmon yet.  Short sleeves with no shoes it was so warm trolling!  We arrived back home a bit after 9p.

Wednesday ... after work Hillary's boss, David, told us about a locals party that the Alaskan Brewery throws every year down near the tram dock by the water.  So we went down right after work and enjoyed some free beer, hot dogs, hamburgers, and even a live band outside.  We have has some great weather lately.

Today ... I woke about just before 5a this morning to go out to Peterson Creek to try my luck with the sparse Steelhead that spawn in the creek.  There are a couple really small runs on the road system ... catch and release only.  I saw two surface, but couldn't get anything to bite.  Tonight we are going for a run!

 Lower Peterson Creek

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