Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mount Jumbo skiing and more great weather

Sunday ...
Hillary, Paddy and I headed out from behind the apartment on Sunday morning to ski the main north facing couloir on Mount Jumbo.

Hiking through muskeg on the approach

Our ascent route went into the large basin on the right and followed the large snow gully on the left to gain the ridge.  From there it was a nice skin on the upper mountain to the summit.  The couloir is hidden in the rocks, but it exits on the right side of the large basin.
Skinning up the gully (steeper than it looks)

Hillary skinning on the upper mountain with Gastineau Channel and Mt. Roberts in the background
Hillary and Paddy gaining the true summit

 View of Juneau from the summit
Stephens Passage and Admiralty Island
From the top of the couloir

Even though we waited on the summit for awhile we were too early for this never see the sun aspect at about 11am.  It was a pretty brutal chunky hardpack descent until we hit the sunny lower slopes.  A great day in the mountains though.  Plus you can't beat finishing 30 seconds from where you live.

After skiing we went to see the litter of puppies that are now 2 weeks old and just starting to open their eyes.

Starting to look like dogs
Starting to choose favorites
Trying not to crush him

Monday into today...
Hillary went off to Ketchikan in the morning for an onboard overnight cruise ship job.  So, as soon as I got out of work I went out on the boat threw in a shrimp pot and salmon fished for a couple hours.  I anchored up just before dark, around 10p, and went to sleep.  I woke up around 4a, a little while after first light and fished again in the morning while Hillary's ship passed by me in Stephens Passage.  No Kings, about 15 shrimp, a lot of upclose humpback whales and seals and I still made it to work before 9a!  Hillary worked a full day after her overnight adventure and 4am sampling.


  1. are you guys getting one of those dogs??

  2. Great pictures on the whole blog!!! Just beautiful! And the little pups are sooooo cute!!! How fun!!!

  3. Yeah we are getting one of the dogs! we'll see the litter again tomorrow and we will bring one home after they reach 7 or 8 weeks old.