Sunday, May 2, 2010

King Salmon derby starts

Juneau has a King Salmon derby for the month of May every year.  Top prize is about $8,000 in cash and prizes.  We didn't enter yet, and may not ... we're more concerned about just catching some of them rather than winning prizes.  It has brought out a lot of boats!
We were on the water a bit the last two days, well it was just me early this morning for a few hours.  I caught a 3 lb halibut and a couple cod.  While none of them were huge I kept them for a fresh dinner.

A couple dinners

In the afternoon we went for a trail run from the Mendenhall Glacier up east glacier trail to nugget creek.  Fried Halibut for dinner.  Oh yeah, before running we went to see a litter of one week old black labs!  We will choose one in about 5 weeks to be our own.
The pups

 Hillary posing with some random blind deaf dog

 Me doing the same ..


  1. "Uncle" Don Macalady informed us of a sweet secret spot up there for upstream Kings. Unfortunately it is also fished by black bear, grizzlies, mountain lions, and wolves so we'd be sitting at about #5 in the food chain.
    Hope you pick a good garbage eater!

  2. Why is Hillary holding the pup with a saw in the background? What'd she do??
    You guys should get a smart lab- is that possible?